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However, most models of Sony's last console don't have enough hard drive space to store all that many game installs.

Something like the digital version of Uncharted 3 will eat up a huge chunk of an older PS3's HDD.

The primary requirement of this alternative drive is that it is 16GB with a minimum of 1GB of free space available in order to move and store data.

The downside to using your own USB drive is configuration instead of use right out of the box.

Upgrading your PS3 drive will not void the warranty.

I recently bought a new PS3 Super Slim – the latest model – but it only came with a measly 12 GB flash storage.

If you opt for a 5400rpm drive, another spec you should see listed alongside capacity, you'll get similar performance to the standard PS3 HDD.

On environmental grounds, I couldn’t be happier about the move to digital – but it means local storage needs are growing rapidly.

The days of having a slot-in memory cartridge are far gone – a few hundred gigabytes would be modest by today’s standards. Luckily, Sony made it really easy and user-serviceable to upgrade the internal storage drive – unlike Microsoft, who locked it down and demanded you buy first-party approved models only.

Gamers can breathe a huge sigh of relief that they don't have to live in that kind of world anymore, thanks to the implementation of game console flash drives.

How to Use Flash Drive on Xbox 360 Last year, Premium USB wrote an article that weighed the idea of purchasing the Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive by San Disk compared to going with a cheap flash drive.

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