Men dating taller women

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So as soon I managed to shake my clan, I quickly left the house under the guise of going for a car wash. “Come slowly or else, I won’t buy tonight,” I threatened. She will always get noticed by other men easily, as she stands out from the crowd,” Mark argued.

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Recently, a pal of mine, a successful Public Relations officer in her mid-30s, confided in me about an ongoing problem she faces in her dating life: She feels that she’s simply too tall for most men, standing at almost six feet. “My point is, I got a tall gorgeous professional woman, drives a BMW 320 and lives in Kilimani, and she is a lonely heart, just Imagine! But honestly, there is nothing wrong with that, I thought all that matters is chemistry and love? “Do you want me to be the guy who leaves behind my woman’s shadow not because of anything but because she is tall and I look like am a Chihuahua being walked at hotel lobbies? inferiority problems “Just say you got inferiority problems, but do not say taller woman are ‘undatable’,” Mark, whom is usually quiet when sober, interjected.The purpose of dating is to make romantic connections.A person who you are attracted to should be someone you follow up with and not abandon due to one physical trait.ALSO READ: The pleasure of ‘nyama kwa nyama’ during sex can kill you Despite her drop dead gorgeous beauty, men are scared of her. Nincompoops like you give her wide berth since they do not want to be seen with a taller woman in public. “I cannot crane my neck to fix a bulb at home, and still crane my neck to get a peck off my woman. ALSO READ: Here’s how to drive your man crazy “If the woman is too tall, she always gets noticed by men.After we had this chit chat, I promised her, while as I may not get her a tall man worth her beauty and success, I could get her lots of interesting tales to cope with her solitude up there. ” “Where do you expect me to be on a Saturday night? hasty retreat With that kind of response, I figured he must have been on his fifth double shot of Jameson. A taller woman, especially if she scores highly on the looks department, is a liability to a man.” “Why is this so? “As they say a man who marries a beautiful woman and a farmer who grows his crops by the roadside have similar problems.

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