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He's penned articles for outlets such as the New York Times (most recently "In Defense of Tinder") and discussed the secrets of a successful modern marriage on the Today Show, among other appearances.

On Friday, just ahead of Valentine's Day, Finkel took over Northwestern University's twitter handle to answer followers' relationship questions.

Not many people can truly call themselves a "relationship expert." But Northwestern social psychology professor Eli Finkel's job is to understand why people fall in love.

He's head of Northwestern's Relationships and Motivations Lab (the RAM Lab); a professor of management and organization at Kellogg, and an expert on the psychology of romance, dating, and interpersonal communication.

Here is a selection of his words of advice: If you're a power couple, keep up the texts.

article about a certain dating app that begins with the letter T has gone right ahead and added to the swelling compost heap of male-oriented buzz and money circulating around that app.

People of type A are compatible with people of type B. They speak at online-dating conferences, describe their unique matching approaches, and promote their books. EHarmony has refused to reveal its algorithm, Finkel said, and therefore the company should not advertise a scientific approach to matching until it can show, publicly, that its system works according to the standards of scientific rigor. Finkel spoke with imploring volume and speed, as if an elaborate show of authority might convert the crowd to his cause. For nearly 50 years, ever since computers were first used to help college kids hook up, people assumed, or hoped, that the fact of technology as mediator would mean not just .

In labs, they reproduce the conditions of relationships, study interactions, generate conclusions. They write personality-profiling tests, tweak the algorithms. You can read about The Duet® Total Compatibility System in her book, . Eli Finkel (Northwestern University), Schwartz’s younger colleague in the behavioral sciences, who staked out his own territory as industry-scold, denouncing e Harmony, one of the largest dating sites in the world and the first to market a scientific approach to matching.

Oh yes, of course we’re always refining our codes, optimizing our algorithms. From the company’s perspective, claiming a superior “scientific matching system” or “personality profiling test” could distinguish you from the field.It's also gone and added to that merry discourse about what is "the key to online dating" -- a set of conversations that has to be one of the world's most pointless, and yet one of its most popular, at least where weekend newspaper fillers are concerned.The article, by (the man) Nick Bilton, starts with his rather superfluous -- but no doubt pleasurable -- observation about models entering the Tinder building in Hollywood.Evidently, a modelling agency shares a building with Tinder offices (a coincidence?), and Bilton is there, waiting for a meeting with Tinder "executives" who, judging from the "boardroom" picture by Kendrick Brinson, are all male. (The app has employed a female in-house "dating and relationship expert," Jessica Carbino, with whom I communicated last year when she was finishing a Ph D thesis on online dating at UCLA.

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