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The company opened a map department in 1872 and soon became, and has remained, the preeminent publisher of commercial maps in the United States.

By 1880, they began printing maps and globes for schools. Street-level detail maps are available for many major cities and metro regions.

This was a "Gratis - Premie" or a gift to accompany the book of journeys and discoveries by Jules Verne, adapted for Dutch readers by Dozy, and published by Elsevier.

The wooden case has "De Elsevier Globe" printed on the sides and top. Today we think of old globes as decorative antiques, but in their day they were practical scientific tools used for teaching and study.

The shop did big business with the forerunner of the Chicago Tribune, and in 1859 Rand and Mc Nally were hired to run the Tribune's entire printing operation.The celestial globe surmounted by a chome finial and unprinted disk, canted at an angle in chromed rectilinear stationary axis arm, mounted on rectangular ebonized wooden base with canted corners.Stars are shown in yellow in five different icon forms (variations on circles and stars) each representing a greater magnitude of brightness, and classical constellations are illustrated in light blue outline drawings, all on dark blue background.Scientists have suggested that this accounts for its backwardness.Remember the difficulty you had getting to Sesame Street and Amarillo?

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