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It is easily considered one of the top high schools in the country, if not the best. “There was nothing wrong with leaking milk screen shots,” one poster said.While some Hunter students said they were disgusted by the chat room, they questioned whether it would be right to punish its users, since their comments were designed to be private. “The heroism of that act outweighs any legal incorrectness.” Another student — suggesting the chat room users had already apologized to some — demanded a mass mea culpa to the school’s entire female student body.“We are concerned about the recent allegations about the contents and are investigating whether there have been any violations of our campus schools regulations and policies,” Hunter Schools Acting Director Lisa Siegmann told The Post in a statement Tuesday.

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But Edward -- that's not his real name -- wants to give the professors a face to face chance to "ask any questions, share any concerns they might have" about having him in their classrooms.

When he appears, she discovers that he is a man in his 40s.

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