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Or can anyone suggest a better way to approach this project?if it's peer-to-peer, everything can be written inside the applet.I won't go into a detailed overly of what you should specifically do in game as more then enough guides exist for you to grab those details from; but I will throw some advice to help you on your quest to defeat Chaos.The game consists of towns, dungeons, and a world map.You start in the middle of the world with access to one town and one dungeon but slowly as you advance in the game you'll be able to visit more towns and more dungeons as they are unlocked via the things you do and the quests you complete; such as by defeating a boss monster or completing a task.

Besides the random encounters you may face, there are also many set battles as well, such as against monsters guarding a chest or door, or against a boss monster that you must defeat.

It seems I need to use servlet and apache tomcat for the server side to make this work.

Can anyone confirm that I need to use servlet and apache tomcat to achieve this?

I need 3 more though, any help on where to start these?

One starts in the NEW research center, one is connected with the sages, one is in a house near Argent Warehouse, one is similiar to the Onix quest, but split between 3 different places It is. p=6917149&postcount=1 Finally, I have one last question Could I possibly have clues as to how to complete the time trial challenge thing in The Forgotten Cavern and the location of Zapdos?

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